Youthbites Manifesto


Recent years have seen numerous studies confirming what seems empirically evident: aging is the primary risk factor for diseases. It's not only proven but also observable that the likelihood of suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease, for example, increases exponentially with age. This leads to a crucial implication: if we manage to slow down, halt, or even reverse aging, the probability of contracting diseases decreases dramatically. But is it possible that aging isn't inevitable? What seems like an absolute truth doesn't necessarily have to be. There are species, such as turtles and salamanders, for whom aging doesn't imply a higher probability of death.

The answer is far from simple, but biogerontology, which studies the aging process and how to slow it down (not to live for 200 years, but to improve quality of life and delay diseases in the last third of our lives), is attracting considerable resources and interest. For instance, in 2021, Altos Labs was established with an investment of 3 billion dollars to study aging. Unconfirmed sources suggest that one of its main investors is Jeff Bezos. Google itself created Calico for the same purpose. But these initiatives are not merely the daydreams of magnates. Today, science has made advances that point to a fascinating path, such as the discovery by Yamanaka, which showed that by altering four molecules (the Yamanaka factors), it's possible to reprogram the molecular clock of cells (i.e., rejuvenate them). This discovery was awarded the highest scientific recognition with the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2012. Recently, a study published in 'Nature' by Dr. Izpisua showed that human skin could be rejuvenated by 30 years with these treatments.

The near future looks fascinating and has led us at Youthbites to define our foundational principles:

We are passionate about scientific advancements related to aging. The goal isn't to avoid aging but to manage it proactively for healthy aging.

We believe in the power of supplements to modulate how we age, helping to make the aging process much more bearable both internally and externally.

We are and will always be honest, sharing all the information we have access to about our products and healthy aging management.

Lastly, we cannot aim to preserve our organism without doing the same for the world around us; hence, sustainability is non-negotiable.

With this in mind, we created Youthbites not only to help improve our quality of life as we age but also to contribute to the dissemination of scientific advances and the debate on this exciting issue.

At Youthbites, we are passionate about anti-aging science. Today, it's possible to maintain your youthfulness for longer. Don't let age define you.