If you're a bit of a geek like us and enjoy reading scientific studies, we've listed some of the most relevant research on the ingredients used in Youthbites. Open access has increasingly made research findings available. Simply copy the name of the article and the author into your favorite browser to access them. If for some reason you can't find them, write to us! We'll be delighted to send them directly to you.

Lifespan, 2019 David A. Sinclair

David Sinclair challenges the seemingly inarguable truth that aging is inevitable. As a Professor of Genetics at Harvard and Co-Director of Harvard Medical School's Center for Aging Research.

In his book Lifespan, Sinclair provides an expert viewpoint on the matter. In "Lifespan," he discusses aging from a biological standpoint, arguing that aging should be considered a "disease" since it's the primary risk factor for all modern chronic diseases. In essence, if you had to estimate the risk of someone developing a disease in the coming years based on a single piece of information, age would be the most critical data point. Understanding aging and developing strategies to slow or reverse it could significantly reduce the risk of almost any disease.

On page 304, you'll find a list of all the supplements David Sinclair takes daily to slow down aging, including Resveratrol, which he has studied for many years and is included in our Skin Youth formula.

Ageless, 2022
Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele, a scientist with a PhD in Physics from Oxford University, delves into how aging can be unraveled and understood from various theories and fields of study. He guides us on an incredible scientific journey towards the future of longevity.

Age Proof, 2022
Rose Anne Kenny

Professor Rose Anne Kenny, with 35 years of experience at the forefront of aging medicine, draws on her research and the latest evidence to demystify why we age. She reveals that 80% of our aging biology is within our control: we can not only live longer lives but also remain healthier and happier into old age.

Kenny also offers practical advice we can incorporate into our daily lives, examining the impact of food, genetics, friendships, purpose, sex, exercise, and laughter on our cellular aging. This book will show you steps to stay youthful for longer, proving that you're only as old as you feel.

Outlive, 2023
Peter Attia

Dr Attia argues that for all its successes, conventional medicine has largely failed to combat the diseases of ageing that kill most people (heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes). In his view, modern medicine intervenes with treatments too late, prolonging life at the expense of quality of life. In "Outlive", Attia proposes a well-founded strategic approach to prolonging lifespan and improving our physical, cognitive and emotional health.

Peter hosts an excellent podcast on longevity topics available on your preferred streaming platform—highly recommended!

Your burning body, 2022
Beatriz Larrea

Beatriz Larrea, a holistic nutritionist, explains how inflammation and aging are closely connected. She proposes a 30-day action plan to reverse aging and prevent our bodies from "catching fire".

Beatriz Larrea also shares content on Instagram, where she promotes a healthy lifestyle backed by science behind each of her recommendations. We encourage you to follow her if you haven't already.

The 100 year-life, 2016
Lynda Gratton y Andrew Scott

Though published in 2016, this book remains as relevant as ever. Living better and longer challenges us to rethink our way of life. The authors, professors at London Business School, present crucial decisions we need to make (financial planning, education, career, relationships) to turn a longer life into a gift.